Has all of your best thinking left you more or less in the same place?

Clarity about who you are and where you’re headed — that’s where we’re going, together.

Hi I'm LibbyI’m a coach who helps you get to a place of clarity and purpose and then gives you the tools to build a life grounded in that truth. I work with bright, deep-thinking women in the midst of major life transition. Maybe you are accustomed to a certain measure of success in your career or personal life. Everything looks beautiful on the outside, but something isn’t working. You know that life’s too short to feel this stuck, but you’re not sure what to do next. All of your accomplishment hasn’t yet delivered clarity, certainty or a path that feels deeply, truly yours. Let’s quiet the outside noise so that you can tune into your true self and your genuine desires. Once you do, you’ll be able to make clear and powerful decisions rather than fearful or reactive ones. Together we’ll explore what living a life rooted in meaning and purpose looks like for you. We’re not going to try to change you into someone else or try to meet a measure of success set by your family or your social circle. We’re going to focus on helping you be more of who you truly are. Let’s listen deeply to what THAT wise woman has to say, away from the noise and clutter of other people’s opinions and expectations. That kind of certainty is possible for you.


Let’s find it.



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Individual coaching

When it’s time to decide something significant about your life or get to work to make something change, figuring out your next step is essential – More... 

The daring way

The Daring Way Program focuses on daring greatly and stepping in to the arena of our lives armed with a toolkit of resources for accessing our values – More... 


Coaching Through Story - I love to speak about purpose, authenticity, shame resilience, recovery and all kinds of other topics related to coaching – More...